Our story

our story

Ours is a story
I love to tell
And be part of.

Ours is a bond so rare
Ties with no loops
That make meaning to any man.
But for me and you.

Our story so beautiful
Everything blooms in the path we walk
Even grass breathes new life
We bring life, no destruction.
Our story is for every man to believe
And renew hopes that were dead within.


Shatter me please..

I will love you more..
I will love you more..

If only i could sit miles away,

Lay my head every night

And let my lips smile at the thought of you

Just like they would

If my heart wasn’t sad

If ever i could believe

And just know you couldn’t

And never would

Be anyone’s but me.

If only i had the power

And unending strength

To sway in the tides

But my love sway not.

Shatter me please,

‘Coz it makes me love you more

There is pleasure in pain, right?

Tear me so i can tear for you all night long

But when dawn breaks.

I will love you more.

If i could tear

Instead of burning inside

With all the thought of it

Betrayal,broken promises,

The deceit is always soo close by.

Loving you is wrong.

But i will love.

And let love rule every new step i take with you.

Because letting go again?

This is my place.

These strong arms; are where i belong.

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