Adventure and cool chill spots!

Adventure and cool chill spots!. Explore kenya.saturdays &sunsets



Adventure and cool chill spots!

Adventure and cool chill spots one

I don’t know if there were those places in your childhood that were ‘restricted’…you know like an abandoned building etc.. Were you ever curious to look into them and find out all the whys?…I was and apparently still am. I guess I didn’t know this but lately I realized taking a walk on a Saturday afternoon and bumping into a pack of giraffes is much more fun than planning a visit to the National Park. It is Adventure.   I recently had one of those curious adventures and believe me, there is no greater feeling than finding a calm chilling spot out of the blues in the middle of an adventure to the unknown. Why not try this, after all Kenya is for us to explore.

Find the pictures below and have a beautiful rest of your week!

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Adventure and cool chill spots iv

Adventure and cool chill spots iii

Just go


When you want to leave
I’ll ask you to remember to shut the door behind you
When you walk away
I’ll let you go
You think am strong
You think I can face you breaking my heart
You think I can listen to you go on and on
About the girl you are in love with
Your new girl
I hide the tears but that doesn’t mean
My heart doesn’t cry for you

My heart beats for you
But I will have to learn how to live without you
I want you
No actually I need you
I miss you
I miss how you look into my eyes
I miss our fights
How you rub my hair
The magic of your touch
I miss everything about you

You are the heartbeat in my chest
The apple of my eye
My life
My love
My everything
You are the air that…

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What bait did you use?

Picture courtesy/lost wonder hut/wonder of the ancient world
Picture courtesy/lost wonder hut/wonder of the ancient world

I need that bait bruh

She was a great catch

Curvy as Nile through East Africa.

Fresh as fruit from the hanging gardens

Mysterious like the Bermuda,

What bait did you use?

I need that bait bruh,

I need the smoking hot chilly

That captured those leopard fiery eyes

Long ostrich-Like legs

That stopped its grace for your grace

More natural than an horse ‘s

Divine like Taj Mahal

I need that bait.

The bait you used bruh

Before the smoke died

And your charm withered.

Got her trailing

Like Asia after the African market

Nagging like a mosquito in our hood.

And yet still graceful,

As she withers

In your unyielding heart.

So dry and drenched of emotion.

Beaming red signs of warning

That has got every mortal yielding

But for the crème de la crème of them all.

I got nothing to lose

No feeling to share

No reason to caress tender hearts with oil it deserves

I want the fantasy, the excitement

I want the lie and lie

In a bed like yours.

To cause pain

If love i can cause not.

Listen bruh,

Share the bait !!

I need to be just a shadow

Of the ‘man’ you are.

I want a piece of you


A panel of eyes,

A set of muscular arms,

Tense muscles.

Evidence of long gym-ing hours,

Eyeball to eyeball

All set..

Like lights, camera, action

Just got called

Roving and devouring already

From across the polished mahogany

Already screaming; I want a piece of you.

Sneer, smile mock all disguised

In a three piece blue suit

Graced; ready for business

Clock rolling for turn on the cloak room

Man eater, Non-carnivores cannibal

Already screaming

I want a piece of you.

#Am Out

Shatter me please..

I will love you more..
I will love you more..

If only i could sit miles away,

Lay my head every night

And let my lips smile at the thought of you

Just like they would

If my heart wasn’t sad

If ever i could believe

And just know you couldn’t

And never would

Be anyone’s but me.

If only i had the power

And unending strength

To sway in the tides

But my love sway not.

Shatter me please,

‘Coz it makes me love you more

There is pleasure in pain, right?

Tear me so i can tear for you all night long

But when dawn breaks.

I will love you more.

If i could tear

Instead of burning inside

With all the thought of it

Betrayal,broken promises,

The deceit is always soo close by.

Loving you is wrong.

But i will love.

And let love rule every new step i take with you.

Because letting go again?

This is my place.

These strong arms; are where i belong.

Abandoned at birth..


I pop in once in a while just to check this page, it is like a child i gave birth to, then abandoned. I feel terrible about it and ‘I’m sorry my child’ .

This is for you, a promise.

No commentary needed....
This is my promise..

If i left you before,

Before i knew you,

It was because i knew you not

Because anyone that knows you,

Would not want to part from you

You make the best ooze out of every soul

Every soul you meet,

You are so sincere

With the deep look in your eyes.

Its like they speak to me.

And take me back to my happy days.

I wanna stick with you

Now on

I want to feel the warmth

and experience the best of me

Because only you.

Lets me into that world.

Virgin Fortunatos

Nervous is the word…i feel those stomach butterflies and i totally cannot understand the feeling. I’m excited, I’m scared at the same time.I’ve been staring at my laptop screen for a while and i cannot believe i finally have my own blog. Well,for a while i have wanted this and in my mind i had quite a number of posts listed and even ready till now.I’m glad to have it up and running anyhow and i’ve chosen to call my first post “virgin fortunatos”  like the names given to those maiden ships on their first sail,fortunatos is latin for “good luck” and that’s all i want in 2015..

Well vuaalllaaaa!!!welcome to Hilda’s Galore!hildas galore

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