I’ll be fine.

I'll be fine.

The sun was setting,

Copper brown was the complexion this time,

My heart was soo full

A flock of flamingos swept by above

Feng-Shui;The flock of love..

I was dazed..smitten

All at the same time.

Everything around me

Resonated with what was blooming

Yeah,finally something was blooming.

There was peace

As i sat on the old two seater car chair.

Two seats coz there were two.

Had been fleeing this feeling

The tenderness that makes one so vulnerable

Then for once i knew what hugs felt like

The feeling of safety

That squeeze on my palm which meant,

I belonged…at least so i thought.

Then summer came went and came again.

I was still there,

Walking in Memphis on the stereo in the background

How far that heavy sound took me.

When the purple blooms of October had fallen,

The rain washed them and the white cascade of butterflies

Bouncing off and away in the distance.

It Was all gone.

Just like it came.

Soo peaceful i was.

Soo sad i was .

I spoke with a lump in my throat.

A bag of tears hanging below my eyes.

Wanting something to drown it all on

Yeah on a pillow?

But the end justifies the means..

My soul was rested.I’d found my strength.

And collected every piece of me.

I’d molded it all.Bit by bit through ten seasons.

With this might.

I’ll be fine.



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